Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. They have a build for i7. A friend of mine liked my J3’s SQ but didn’t want to spend that much so I told him maybe a 16g i10 would work so he went ahead and picked up one. Do you already have an account? This was the case with my Pistons-II.

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Its impact on my brain is: This and the screen. It has 35 presets, all completely distinct from each other. Cowon’s iAudio 10 does “Color Therapy,” won’t charge you per hour.

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Cowon iAUDIO 10 review – Engadget

Definitely not suitable to watch videos. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. One major difference I first noticed between the Fuze my ex audio source and the i10 ocwon that it sounded more balanced.

I cannot for the life of me think of a good reason why Cowon put them on in place of real buttons? Great review, I really like the look of it, but unless it’s a full touch screen, I dislike touch controls as well.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. The brainwavz M1s that I had bought for the Fuze sounded more pronounced. May 12, at 7: Can you tell me if cowon has oportunity to ballance sound between left an right? Except that I have no idea where it is.

Rate and comment on specific criteria. The i10 UI is complex. To check out variation between different brands, etc. Keep the brightness down to 1. I like to keep a Cowno on my source. That in itself is pretty damn impressive as it means you could live with just this little DAP on its own. The box opens like a pack of cigarettes i.

What Hi-Fi?

Believe me I goaded them too and yet they stayed perfectly composed and smooth. It could possibly be event too smooth for some; I know some people like it to ciwon a bit gritty up top to better capture their attention. The EQ is set to normal so I assume that means off.


There is one cool feature though Probably because of the inherent amp, the sound was richer even at higher volumes, although the Fuze sounded more vowon.

This is cwoon first Cowon player I have heard and it lives up to their reputation well. Post 13 of Share This Page Tweet. Cowon have a reputation for sounding great and they live up to it here. Latest driver is supposed to fix usb connection issues some experienced http: I think you might enjoy the J3 since the touchscreen is decent, not ipod touch level but still responsive enough not to get annoyed.

The like is quoted as 38 hours for music and 6. Post 2 of