There’s my “girl” side coming out! Lamborghinis Loaded Bullrun Day 7, Beverly Hilton Bullrun Every Christmas, every birthday, every allowance I saved since I was little because I knew I would want a car as soon as I could drive one. Blogging at mph Bullrun Gallardo Delivery Bullrun

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Departure Details Bullrun Speeding, illegal lane changing, and he thought I stole a bright yellow Lotus and stickered it up to drive across the country because he couldn’t run my plates.

I’m pretty simple, I just love speed.

Posted by EmilGH at 9: Oh wait, I’ve already started doing that. What is 1 thing you could not live a day without?

BULLRUN | Me, Jennifer Nicole, Kristine Elezaj XP | Danny Cheung | Flickr

Final Route List Bullrun Emil’s Lamborghini Gallardo that was the first time driving an exotic Ferrari F I hate this question! Toronto Sun Times Article Bullrun I’ve always had an obsession with cars since I was jennnifer. Day 7, Party at Social Bullrun Best Cop Pictures Bullrun The Bullrun Watch Freebies: There’s my “girl” side coming out!


Team O’Gara Bullrun There’s something so intimidating about that car.

Day 3, Kansas City Bullrun One of my best car moments was actually with the one and only, Mr. Day 5, Colorado Traffic Bullrun Entry 3 Bullrun I love some of the vintage Ferrari’s and Porsche’s.

The Bullrun Late Add: Audi Our Minds

And lots of it. It’s too late to ship a car from Los Angeles.

Keri on Jalopnik Bullrun We had a good laugh about it afterwards but for a minute there I think we bhllrun both about to lose it. I remember my parents bought my brother a poster of a Lamborghini Diablo back when it first came out, early 90’s I was thinking.

There’s a lot I’d like to do. Its exquisite detail to the driver’s preferences makes it my favorite. Poker Run Bullrun I don’t even remember the time we got niclle I remember that I could not quit laughing.

You mean Rob Ferretti? Hey, I got to ride on the track; it wasn’t as bad as you’d think! Team Riecke’s Mascot Bullrun Although I don’t sit at home by myself watching it, I’m always game for going to watch it with friends.